iOS app really buggy and frustrating


I like Dynalist, but on iOS it’s really frustrating and I hate using it. Since I’m at least 50% on an iPad Pro and iPhoneX, this makes dynalist hard work.

  1. Search. Clicking the search icon and then the world icon for global search often results in text entry in the search field not being possible. You have to click back and then try again. This can happen a number of times in a row.
  2. Searches cannot be added to bookmarks, a continual pain to have to create the search online or on the mac.
  3. The sidebar menu window often flickers in when clicking the hamburger, but doesn’t display. It often needs two clicks to get up and running.
  4. I have the font set to large and on some documents the title reflows to the next line on top of the text in the note section.
  5. Date searches often do not work. I have to exit the app and restart and then it works. I find date searches on iOS generally buggy not giving the same intended result on iOS as on my mac. within:0d Does not work period.
  6. It’s great having date specific searches, but the results are not in date order. This means you’ve still got to look down the whole list. If you have a lot of dates you’ve either got to create more detailed searches or chance missing something in a long list.
  7. Not having per device settings really is a problem. 27”, 12.9” and 5.8” screen sizes have very little in common. Having to css everything in a tiny custom css box (just look at the ridiculous size in an iphone) is next to impossible.

The long and short of it is that many more people are now tablet or mobile devices first. The web dev community has had a mobile first philosophy for many years. So many iOS apps including Dynalist have a very poor ios offering in comparison to the desktop. This makes it really hard for mobile first users.


I have to say, I entirely agree. I have only just found Dynalist and I love it on the computer, but the iOS apps are almost unusable.

I understand why devs decide to use these kind of “web wrapper” experiences, but they are a poor alternative to native apps. Obviously, creating a high-quality native iOS app that offers all the features users expect is time consuming and expensive, but I have to question the wisdom of providing an app that denies its users the chance to explore the full extent of the Dynalist platform.

The Workflowy app is no better, of course, and is one of the reasons why I jumped ship.

For many of us, iOS is our primary platform. It is where we get work done. If only Dynlalist could have an app that could compete with Ulysses, Bear or Drafts…