iOS app completely unresponsive

Steps to reproduce

Happens whenever I am using the app, at any time.

Expected result

Responsive UI

Actual result

After a couple of seconds, the app freezes for several seconds and does not react to any form of input. After that it can be used again for a couple of seconds, etc.


iOS 12.1.2
iPhone XS
Latest Dynalist app from AppStore

Does the entire app freeze up? Or can you not type anything but can scroll up/down?

Because if it’s the latter, you might have tapped the lock icon in the upper right-hand corner of the app. That prevents you from going in and editing things accidentally when you just want to read over your notes.

Thank you!
I am not sure whether that was the reason - but now the app seems to work fine. :slight_smile:
Maybe I was really tapping the lock icon all the time without noticing.

Sounds like the same problem I have. App freezes on IOS, then starts working fine for a while until trying to use it later when it freezes again.

Ok, I can confirm that the problem does in fact persist.
Now, it seems less frequent than before, but the app still freezes for a couple of seconds every once in a while.

My guess is that the app is indexing all the tags, and it can’t respond to UI and do that in the background in the same time, so the freeze happens.

Does it help if you close the tag pane and switch to the document pane instead?

The problem seems (mostly) fixed for me since the New Year’s update. I still had one freeze/crash but most of the time it is working fine now. How about everyone else?

Spoke too soon. I’m still having issues. Not as bad as before, but not completely fixed either.

Same here - the freezing seems to occur a bit less frequently than in the beginning, but it still occurs.
Erica: the freezing also occurs when I am in the document pane (when the tag pane is hidden, I guess).

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I find if I force quit the app and restart it the problem goes away, but seems to come back if I don’t use it for a long time. It always crashes on the first app-launch of the day, and (less sure about this) also if I don’t use it for over 6 hours or so… but in between I can now use it fairly well, which is an improvement over before.

Fixed for real this time? Dynalist 1.3.1 is working well for me so far … (fingers crossed)

My last test worked pretty well. There was a slight delay at one point, but no hang