iOS and iPadOS v 1.4.4 - page auto-scrolls to bottom of screen with every new line

Steps to reproduce

  1. Update to 1.4.4 from a previous version
  2. Tap to start a new line
  3. Enter some text
  4. Tap “return” on the keyboard

Expected result

If you were entering text somewhere in the vertical middle of the screen, a new line will appear underneath the one you just entered. The page will not move up or down.

If you were entering text at the bottom of the screen, when you create a new line, the page will move up the height of the new line so that you can continue typing at the bottom.

Actual result

Regardless of where you are vertically on the screen, when you press enter/return to start a new line, the entire page will “jump” and reposition the content so that your new field is at the bottom. It almost looks like it’s reloading but I don’t think it’s actually reloading, just repositioning. It does this even if you’re already at the bottom of the screen. So basically with every new line, the entire page jumps and repositions. It’s like the entire interface has a little hiccup with each new line.


Discovered on iPad Pro 10.5” running iPadOS 13.5
Tested and repeated the problem on iPhone X running iOS 13.4.1

I first saw the problem after updating Dynalist to 1.4.4, although I can’t confirm that I was at 1.4.3 before as I manually update apps when I feel like it and I may have missed the previous update. I can confirm that this problem wasn’t happening with version 1.4.2

Additional information

I tested this with the system virtual keyboard and a 3rd party bluetooth keyboard on the iPad, and with just the virtual keyboard on the iPhone. It happens in all three instances.

Can reproduce, will fix asap.

Releasing new version with a fix for this, waiting for review.

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