Invoice for Pro subscription



Is it possible to get some kind of invoice for the Pro subscription.
I need it for bookkeeping in my company.

The first rate was just withdrawn on my creditcard, but I received no email and can’t find an invoice or reciept on my account.


Hi @lasseebert,

Yes we can do that via email, as I don’t want to send you invoice in public. Sent you an email!


I need it too… Please send me an invoice, thanks!


You need to send us your information first, before we can give you a useful invoice. Or do you only want your name on the invoice?

Things like addresses and VAT numbers.


Just name and e-mail ID would suffice. Thanks!




Hey, it’s that time of the year again :slight_smile:

Could you please send me an invoice for the Pro subscription?



Is it planned to automate the process so that invoices can be downloaded or sent each time a subscription is extended?


I sent you an email to provide invoice a few days ago, no answer.

Priority support for Pro users? Yeah right.

Please send me invoice ASAP.


Sorry, sent a few minutes ago.

We didn’t receive the email sent a few days ago though – was it sent to


Sent via PM :slight_smile:


Yes, eventually this will be automated. Believe me, it’s a lot of work on us to create and send each one as requested as well :slight_smile: