Internet Explorer 11 compatibility

Steps to reproduce

  1. Use IE 11.
  2. mouse-click to end of an outline line
  3. Hit the Return Key

Expected result

A new outline entry will be created at same level in the outline hierarchy.

Actual result

  1. no bullet point displayed
    the line from which Return was pressed displays on the line underneath the bullet point instead of along side it.


Microsoft Explorer 11 on a Windows 7 PC
Microsoft Explorer 11 on a Citrix session - Windows Server 2012

Additional information

You can see what happens on the Dynalist Demo after I pressed Return after Sign Up!

Additional comments

Hi John,

Sorry to hear that.

Is using IE Edge at all possible in your situation?

IE 11 has many weird things we need to work around and as a small team of 2 we don’t have the time or resources to fully support it. Sorry!

Thanks for the prompt reply. As you may have guessed it is my work computer which has the browser locked down .

But now that I know IE11 is not supported I will stop trying to use dynalist on that platform.

Keep up the good work🖒

Thanks so much for being understanding and for the kind words! :slight_smile: