Internal linking improvement: Live bullet title change

Dynalist can link to other nodes with double brackets, and suggests existing node names. This is good. One small bit of oiling would be good, though: If I use double bracketing, Dynalist converts the node to node title format. This is nice and human readable in Markdown, but suffers from the link text not updating when the node’s name changes. On the other hand, if I just paste the node’s url, it turns into a similar looking go-to-node link. The markdown code is just the url, but it has a nice upside: The title shown in the go-to-node graphic updates every time Dynalist reboots, which is great. It’s not quite live, but keeping up with change is great regardless. Can the double-bracketing input system be made to somehow get us that updating quality?


I believe/hope this will be solved with the deep linking feature that are working on. The problem with both these methods is that when you moved them to another document the link breaks.

So I recommend using tags instead. EG: #Whatever_Title_You_Need

See my post about tagging if you need any pointers:

I didn’t know about the auto-naming behavior for non-titled internal links. That’s really helpful, thanks!

The link name used to update live, something broke it recently. We’ll take a look!


It’s fixed now, sorry about that!


Hey! Awesome program ya’ll made! Heads up I think that updating feature is broken again. :wink:

The live name update is working for me; the problem is just that it isn’t searchable :confused:

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The issue remains in this form: I type [[

On ios it doesnt respond. Then i type a letter and it says start typing to search for a link. This should happen after the [[. So i type what I’m looking for and pick one thing. The generated markdown is
[Target items current text](Target Items url).

This looks great but isnt live. It wont update if i edit the target item. I think it should generate just the url because that auto display the correct name.

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