Inspector / Note Info Panel

Do you think an info / inspector style panel for the in-focus item would be useful?

This is something I find myself wishing for often. Similar to apps like OmniFocus on the Mac where each item has its properties and meta-data available in a panel on the right hand side of the page, that can be hidden when not needed. The info panel could allow you to manage the items notes, tags, view creation and modification dates, checklist properties, even eventually custom meta-data and links to other items!

Here is a screenshot from OmniFocus


its an already requested feature. its even on the trello board. upvote it

Which feature card are you referring to? Could you please give me the link?

@Doug_McLachlan: well, although this is definitely useful to some people, I see two things that prevents us from doing it:

  1. It complicates things. I guess that’s why some people would prefer Dynalist to OmniFocus; we don’t want to ruin that simplicity for them.
  2. It’s a bit unnecessary right now, since content/note/tag/view creation/edited date/checklist can all be edited/viewed directly either by clicking or by using a shortcut. The extra panel is helpful but it also takes up space and slows things down.

Overall I think it’s a useful thing if you keep a lot of structured data, but it’s not for Dynalist. You could look into Airtable though, it should be good for that kind of stuff.

oh sorry I thought it was this

but now I see its for a different usage

Ah, I see, that’s indeed something different, for jumping to headings (i.e. parent items) in a document quickly. Thanks for the reply!

Thanks for the reply Erica. I completely understand the desire/need to keep Dynalist clean, simple and usable.

I also prefer Dynalist to Omnifocus! (although I do use Dynalist in tandem with ToDoist)

I often find myself wishing for the ability to add some structured data to items, probably because I use Dynalist not only notes but also gathering requirements and other use cases where having additional meta data on an item is very useful. Tagging works up to a point but I also find that an item gets hard to read once you have too many tags.

I’ve tried just about every web based outliner and “graph-ish” system out there and I’m constantly impressed and stick with Dynalist so congratulations on a great product.


Thank you Doug, for being so understanding!

Just a thought, have you considered something like this? Tag attributes

It’s not as structured but right now I think it’s closer to something that we’d actually implement as it builds on the tag system that we have now.

Thanks Erica… I’ll check that out

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