Inserting photos in iOS sometimes fails

Steps to reproduce

  • In iOS (iPhone XR, in this instance) create a new document: Hamburger | New Doc
  • Click in the area below the “Untitled” doc name, and app creates a bullet
  • Type abc[enter]. App creates a second empty bullet.
  • Insert photo: Hit “paperclip” taskbar icon | Photo Library | Select photo | Choose. App inserts photo filename as expected.
  • Hit [enter]. App renders photo and creates an empty bullet below photo.
  • Tap screen to place cursor after the “Abc” bullet
  • Tap the screen to place cursor at the bottom (empty) bullet
  • Insert photo: Hit “paperclip” taskbar icon | Photo Library | Select photo | Choose.
  • The bottom bullet remains empty. The blinking cursor is also not visible.

Expected result

The bottom bullet should have a photo inserted, just like the successful photo insert directly above.

Actual result

Instead of the expected result, what happened?

Empty bullet remained empty.


iOS: 14.3
Dynalist App: 1.4.11

Additional information

Unsure what app settings I’ve changed from stock. But one setting (in very brief testing) improves the reliability of inserting images is unchecking “Display images inline”

Additional comments

This issue seems to happen most often when attempting to insert a photo at a bottom empty bullet in an existing document. There appears to be a minimum level of document/view complexity/contents, but once achieved, this issue appears constantly. The above steps are the simplest I’ve discovered to reproduce the issue reliably.

Apologies for the late reply. I can repro this issue and will attempt to issue a fix soon!

A fix has been made, it will be released in a few days.