Insert current date

I would like to be able to insert the current date (format set-able) as a text string in addition to being able to have the !date function. This would help in updating notes, and keeping a log of actions. If this is already possible, I’d be grateful to learn how to do it. Thank you.




If you use Chrome, there are plugins to help you do this. I’ve been playing with TextBlaze and it’s working well for me so far:

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I appreciate the recommendation, but I use Dynalist on a Windows PC, MacBook, iPad as well as in my browser (Safari on my MacBook), and I really prefer not to have to have several different text expander apps, nor to have to remember different key strokes. This should be a simple addition to Dynalist, I would think. I hope it gets done some day.


TextExpander is cross platform now.

Textexpander doesn’t seem to have a browser extension. I have a Chromebook and so use TextBlazer, which works mostly except in Google Docs for some reason.

I would really prefer not to have to invest in another $40 annual subscription for a work-around of a basic feature that any app like Dynalist should have.

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OneNote has shortcuts for current date and current time. I would like the same here. I note that ! doesn’t have a current time option.

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+1 I also need it very much. maybe just with shortcuts like !! for current date and time , comparing ! for current date.

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+1 I would really like this.

+1 To put in the current date, time stamp (as in a log) there are 5 steps. Not a lot but I enter dozens of entries a day and a keyboard shortcut for the date/current time stamp would be handy.

One day in and like it overall

i need this feature too

Yeah, I can see the importance of this feature. Would be great if we have it built in Dynalist

I know it’s complex and obscure, but I coded relative dates into my IFTTT recipes that control my dynalist via the API.

This is the “IFTTT filter” that adds the dynalist formatted date for tomorrow whenever I say tomorrow in a note I’m speaking to my google assistant to add to my dynalist.

let today = (new Date( - (60000 * 8 * 60) + (60000 * 24 * 60))).toISOString().slice(0, 10);

let varText = GoogleAssistant.voiceTriggerWithOneTextIngredient.TextField + ' !(' + today + ')';

let varBody = '{"token":"doooooooooooooongs","content":"' + varText + '"}';


Thanks for the feature request!

I’m curious, is current time also somehow useful? Or is only current date useful?

I wouldn’t find current time useful

!today !10m !3h !tomorrow !monday !next monday !3d !3m that sort of shorthand would be kind of nice, not a big deal tho

Will be included in the next update!



Potentially looking to make the switch from another service and this is a primary feature I was hoping for, so I’m excited to see it’s being added! Any idea when it would be updated?

It would also be helpful to be able to search for (and bookmark) dynamic date commands (eg. search !today and be able to see a node containing the current date). Thanks!

These hotkeys are now live, for Pro users


You can search for nodes with dates and date ranges and bookmark that too