Inherit tags from ancestors


I see a lot of use cases where it would be interesting that when searching for a tag, the children of a matching item are returned also. This would prevent from having to tag all items of a related subject.
It should probably be an option.

Thanks for this great product.


In document search, if there are any children for a node, they are in the results, but they are collapsed. In global search it will zoom in on the node so you can see if it has children or not and use the back button to return to the search.

Unfortunately I did just notice that the wrong bullet seems to be displayed, so it’s not immediately apparent that the bullet has children for you to be able to see (both in document at global search). Occasionally some bullets display as they should but that seems to be the exception rather than the rule.


Butlermatt is right (for that example you gave)
however I understand your point.
the already petition of “autotag” would include this too

thats right, the bullets dont show
that makes the results screen much less useful

paul, we now have ancestor collection. check the discussion here.


The ancestor collection is really nice, but I still would appreciate to have an autotag feature to tag the children, as proposed by the initial poster.

I’m not sure what you mean @Catherine …with the ancestor element the request of the original poster is explicitly addressed, i.e.,

  • ancestor element facilitates finding/returning “all the children of a matching element”, so all the items of a related subject do not require explicit tagging -by the nature of ancestor they all explicitly become descendants (which is a good thing, i.e., less work and less tagging for more flexible results).

Something to consider is that auto-tagging might produce challenges, even a barrier, when one needs to craft detailed exclusions with inclusions.

If I am not mistaken, from a coder’s perspective, auto-tagging would break (convolute) the useful functionality, whereas onboarding ancestor element leaves DL only two steps away from perfection.
The other two dimensions left would seem to be cascading tags and then perhaps backlinking. A possible third was mentioned in the Roam thread, which I had not heard of or considered before, which is tag qualification, i.e., #quantity>5, #thisthing=Xfactor, etc applications, which is freaking brilliant really, and I never associated with tagging before.

So what did I miss in the original poster’s request?