Info text in CSS?

How can I write in the CSS information just for me without any function?
Using modified CSS works on the mobile app, too?

CSS is added in settings in the 3rd tab at the bottom of the page. CSS works in mobile too. You can use .is-mobile selector for example for something you want only mobile, and another selector works for only desktop styling.

Thank you @Alan . How can I write text into the CSS to give me an explanation for what function the following CSS code is for? When I use more code snippets I don´t know which one is for what.

You can add comments by

/* writing them like this */

I don’t have a definite answer and I don’t know if there are instructions.

What I do with Chrome is I press F12 to see the behind the scenes, I use the Inspect element function,pick something, look at the css details that exist and the HTML classes in the source of the element, and then I just try stuff see what happens.

My next step is to write using ordinary dynalist some css code. Then i copy that code into the css custom box and see if it does what I hope.

Now that I’ve written all that I see from _Lasar that you had a completely different question. Hope what I wrote is still helpful.

You may want to check out some of the existing CSS the community has shared too: