Incorrect Tag Counts?

Moved over from Workflowy long time back.

Just now getting serious about Tagging. :slight_smile:

When I go to the Tag Pane, I see all my tags. But some of them (and they may be the ones that came over from Workflowy) that have a count against them, but when I click on them there are not results.



  1. How does this happen?
  2. Is there a way to refresh tag counts?
  3. Am I missing something basic?

Thanks in advance.

Is it possible you’re hiding completed items? They won’t show up in a search if they’re hidden. To change this, click the eye icon in the upper right.

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Bingo! That’s what I was missing.

Thanks!! :tada:


May be this can be enhanced…

Found 0 matches.
X matches in hidden bullets.


Yeah, great idea. We’ll find a way to incorporate this! :tada:

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@Francisco_Barros: it’s fixed now! See here: