Inconsistent Keymapping between web version and Windows app

Steps to reproduce

Set a custom keyboard shortcut from either web version or Windows app (here on French keyboard layout), f.i. Ctrl+! to “expand/collapse”

Expected result

Shortcut should be correctly interpreted and applied by both web version and Windows app

Actual result

I have to set two shortcuts (good thing there can be many), one for web, one for desktop app.
When setting the same shortcut (Ctrl+!), it is detected as “Ctrl+EXCLAMATION” by web version, and “Ctrl+KEYCODE_223” by Windows desktop app.


Windows 10 Pro 2004 (19041.630)
Web version on Firefox 82.0.3 (x64)
Windows desktop app v1.4.2

Does this also happen on Chrome? I think this is a browser-dependent issue and sadly isn’t something we can easily fix without making complicated workarounds…

Terribly sorry for my lack of answer in over a year. At that time I was just starting using dynalist and was trying out different things (like setting up custom keymapping)
Actually since then, I’ve almost never used the in-browser version, working only with the desktop app(s).
It is indeed browser-dependent, as on Chrome, the Ctrl+! shortcut is detected just as on desktop.

Anyway, as I already stated, since several map entries can be added for the same command, the shortcut works everywhere (even if the mapping is not detected in the same way), so this is really not much of an issue.

As far as I’m concerned, this can be closed (if not already so).
Thanks for your reply.