[In Progress] Quick/Fast Add Discussion

This feature allows you to quickly add some text to the end of an item.

The interface would look a bit like the File Finder we have now: you bring up the interface with a shortcut, and write your text and then search for the destination all with keyboard.

Use case: want to quickly capture something without finding that item first.

See here on Trello

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Good to know. A Japanese developer has drafted a version of a Dynalist app that does something similar on Android.

Cool! Big question: will this be available when not in the app, i.e. as a notification a la todoist? If not, as much as I love your continual developments, I don’t think this will add much. This is because just typing out the text snippet you want wherever you are in the app then ‘moving’ it via the move function replicates this feature perfectly well in my opinion (probably faster than a dedicated quick add where you would have to bring up the dialogue first)

That’s the next step :slight_smile:

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Oh my go-mazing!!

It’s out now! http://blog.dynalist.io/inbox-capture/


Excellent. Working as advertised and should be very useful for me. Now really looking forward to being able to send an email into my Inbox (or other variant for getting content from email to Dynalist).

Nice work Dynalist team!