In addition to the Icon checklist have progress icons, locked, paused when clicking


When clicking on the checklist box it finishes the action, but I believe that it would be interesting an option where clicking once puts a progress of 25%, the second 50% … until finalization.

Maybe even a task icon locked or paused by pressing any key together for example


you could type 25% at the start, or make 4 subtasks and check off the first one, or use emoji creatively :black_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square:25%

im of the opinion that dynalist is a tool like a notepad or bullet journal and that the user ought to do the work of customized looks, maybe we come together and curate a gallery of the neat example notebooks, but then the core dynalist is pure functionality, at its core a progress bar is either 0-99% (unchecked, not done) or 100% (done) and the inbetween is human visual feedback rather than function the computer uses at all


It sounds like if you want to complete 25% or 50% of the task, maybe you should break it down into subtasks. Write down subtasks in words might help productivity too!


This feature would really be a killer. Things 3 and Taskade rely on this. This is one of the great thing each Trello card has.

If implemented at a given level this would really help. I don’t think it could be too hard to implement knowing that it is a simple calculation of complete vs. open. If aggregated correctly it could also provide a % across one document.

Where can we put this feature on the map for vote?