In addition to the Icon checklist have progress icons, locked, paused when clicking

When clicking on the checklist box it finishes the action, but I believe that it would be interesting an option where clicking once puts a progress of 25%, the second 50% … until finalization.

Maybe even a task icon locked or paused by pressing any key together for example

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you could type 25% at the start, or make 4 subtasks and check off the first one, or use emoji creatively :black_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square::white_large_square:25%

im of the opinion that dynalist is a tool like a notepad or bullet journal and that the user ought to do the work of customized looks, maybe we come together and curate a gallery of the neat example notebooks, but then the core dynalist is pure functionality, at its core a progress bar is either 0-99% (unchecked, not done) or 100% (done) and the inbetween is human visual feedback rather than function the computer uses at all

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It sounds like if you want to complete 25% or 50% of the task, maybe you should break it down into subtasks. Write down subtasks in words might help productivity too!

This feature would really be a killer. Things 3 and Taskade rely on this. This is one of the great thing each Trello card has.

If implemented at a given level this would really help. I don’t think it could be too hard to implement knowing that it is a simple calculation of complete vs. open. If aggregated correctly it could also provide a % across one document.

Where can we put this feature on the map for vote?

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Sorry for the late reply!

No, that’s indeed very easy. The hard part, though, is to decide how to show it while keeping the interface simple. And because it’s not going to show by default, there’s gonna be an extra option to turn it on. The work lies in designing it and justifying complicating the app for the benefits it grants.

Generally, a feature request with more than 10 likes can be moved to the Trello. Hopefully, me bumping this post can give it more visibility and to get it more likes. If this is too stale to get votes, starting a new one is also an option.

Or we can start a poll. If the results lean towards the proposed behavior rather than the current behavior, we can move it to the Trello board.

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I will put my “like” here :slight_smile: A simple progress indicator would be a huge help. I do break things into sub-entries but many times will have dozens of sub-entries. I would be nice to, at a glance when the list is collapsed to get a feel for how far along I am on this list. I would be happy with a simple 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, done or bit more advanced say 1-9 scale. Maybe a small progress bar with a number or even just the check box having a different symbol. Say Open for 0%, - for 25%, \ for 50%, / for 75% and Check or X for complete?

One more here. That’s the feature why I would choose Dynalist for my team