Importing from Wunderlist

Is it possible to import lists and to-dos from Wunderlist? If so, how?

as of now there’s not anything to do this, dynalist doesn’t have an open API

you have to copy + paste it from there

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+1 to what @Vincent_Tang said.

If you can find a way to export Wunderlist to plain text or OPML though, you can then copy paste into Dynalist.

JSON only export from Wunderlist. Is this something you might support in the future Erica? Not everyone is coming from Workflowy. The number of Wunderlist migrants will grow dramatically before the end of the year as Microsoft slowly sunset it.


Possibly! It really depends on how clean their JSON export is. We’ll take a look when we can!

Do you know exactly when is Microsoft going to sunset Wunderlist?

Microsoft haven’t given a firm date. Their plan appears to be increasing the functionality of their replacement app “To-Do” to the level where users will willingly transition. To-Do is very basic at the moment and I don’t think Microsoft can leave it much beyond the end of the year to avoid people jumping ship in frustration.

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I see, thanks a lot for the information!