Import Evernote files (enex files)

I can all but guarantee $50 per year will be thrown at Dynalist if you can help me get away from Evernote. I wonder if .enex files (exported from Evernote) could be imported into Dynalist.

The dream would be that a Dynalist document could be made with the following inside it…

  • Text
  • Images
  • Attachments (PDF and Doc)
  • tags

Evernote is not an outliner though, so I imagine there are lots of ways things can get exported to Dynalist. For example, what should be a document, a note or a notebook?

Or do you not care about the structure and just want to get the content into Dynalist for search and further organization?

I think we could be happy with the import process from Evernote. I’m sure it could be setup to export related groups of EN notes into a single Dynalist Note