Import browser favourites/bookmarks and allow drag-and-drop URL from browser

I think Dynalist would make an ideal browser favourites/bookmarks manager (not to be confused with Dynalist’s document bookmarks). I use multiple computers and would prefer my favourites/bookmarks to be stored in Dynalist and available from any computer regardless of what browser I’m using.

To make this possible, two features would be useful:

  1. I would like to be able to drag a URL from my browser to my Dynalist tab (which I always have open) and drop it into my Dynalist in the desired location, and have it create a new link node in the format: [Page title](URL). Currently, in Chrome, this almost works. I can drag and drop the URL into a node if I have the node in edit/markdown mode first. Unfortunately, only the page title is pasted and not the url. I see there is a “Clip to Dynalist” extension for Chrome. I will try that, but it might be a simple matter to make drag-and-drop functionality work and then there is no need for any extension.

  2. A feature to import all existing browser favourites/bookmarks into my Dynalist would also be useful (though I can probably script that myself). I would move all my browser favourites/bookmarks to Dynalist and stop using my browser to manage them. Dynalist is great for the ease with which the links can be edited and notes can be added. To be clear, I’m not requesting a browser plugin to sync browser bookmarks with Dynalist. Just the ability to do a one time import from browser to Dynalist so I can use Dynalist as my single cloud based browser favourites/bookmarks manager.


This is critical for me…
most bookmarks are incoming information
and its all about managing that incoming inbox of info
the work around I found was to open all bookmarks i want to move and use the send to dynalist chrome extension…

I would love to see this feature. If you were going to script it yourself, what scripting language and platform (Windows / Linux / Mac) would you use?

I haven’t yet done this, but I would use python, primarily because it’s the language I’m most familiar with but also it is cross platform. Cheers.

Thanks. If you end up doing this, can you post details here? I have not done much text processing in my limited script writing, but might try and tackle this if I have time (hard to find time with a newborn!).