Import and/or sync with Google Tasks?

I’m a newbie to Dynalist, a refugee from Google’s shutdown of Google Tasks Canvas.

Can I import and/or sync all my existing Google Tasks lists? I did sync Google Calendar, but it didn’t seem to bring the tasks with it. I have quite a few items in Google Tasks, and manually copying or recreating them would be very, very tedious.

Please let me know what’s possible… I did a search on Dynalist first, and didn’t see this specific topic.

Thank you very much for your time and help!


Bumping this as it would MASSIVELY increase your UVP for me, my team, and my clients.

I did rely on the tool from when I needed to export all my Google Tasks into Dynalist back in 2017… But now it’s abandoned for a few reasons. Don’t know of any other tool to achieve the same… But there must be one out there.

As you can see from this link, there are some Github links on the bottom of the page, for anyone interested in resurrecting the tool…

use Google Takeout to export your Google Tasks as a Tasks.json file, then run:

import json

with open('Tasks.json',encoding='UTF8') as f:
  data = json.load(f)

for item in data['items']:
    f = open("list_" + item["title"] +".txt", "w", encoding='UTF8')
    for task in item['items']:
        f.writelines(task["title"] + "\n")

If you’re unfamiliar with python, basically just paste that code into ,
click the File upload icon in the sidebar and upload Tasks.json ,
then hit the play button.

Now just click those new files that appeared in the sidebar, and copy and paste their contents into Dynalist.

Credit for the code goes to