Images in bookmarked header items don't display

Cosmetic issue, but somewhat annoying with how I have things set up:

Steps to reproduce

  1. Paste an image into a node, with inline images displayed set ‘on’
  2. Add a bookmark to that node
  3. Change view
  4. Click on the bookmark created in step 2

Expected result

The node and its children to be displayed, with the image in the top-level (zoomed in) parent displayed

Actual result

Intermittently, but more often than not, the top-level parent once zoomed in to the bookmark is showed ‘raw’ rather than the embedded image being displayed:

I have to click into the item and off again to get it to display properly


Windows, Chrome, Desktop, latest Dynalist version, custom CSS but no scripts

Additional Info

I think this might be dependent on whether or not that header item gets the focus after clicking on the bookmark. When it does then it draws when losing focus. But sometimes after clicking on the bookmark no items are in edit mode/have the focus. Then the first header item doesn’t draw until you click in/out. Have tried toggling on/off the “Auto-focus on first item” setting but still inconsistent behaviour


Any chance of this being fixed please? The more I use backlinks to jump around the more annoying it becomes. I think the problem is a little more generic than I first described: when you deep jump into a list item, e.g. from a bookmark, or an internal link, the destination item which then becomes the ‘header’ item isn’t rendered properly, so I get the image problem above, but also custom CSS isn’t reapplied at that point so some hidden tags reappear temporarily until I click in and back out. It’s almost as if the item is rendering as you’d see it in edit mode without being in edit mode if you see what I mean?

Hmm images not rendering if you’re focused in the item is expected, but “Auto-focus on first item” not working isn’t - I should probably fix that.

Will be fixed in the next release.

Looks good, and a lot less frustration for me, thank you Shida!

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