Images copied from Photos on iPhone 6 do not appear/load on iPhone or Windows laptop

On the iPhone 6, click on photos.
Select a picture
Press the square with the up arrow in the bottom left-hand corner.
Press copy.
Open Dynalist.
Tap once on any outline.
Press and hold to bring up menu which says "select select all paste look up."
Select paste to paste image.

I expect to see the image. Instead it says “pasted image.” When I click on the pasted image link, it opens up a white rectangular box and has a spinning infinity symbol indicating that it is loading. The image never loads.

I’m using an iPhone 6 Plus running ios 11.3. I don’t know what version of Dynalist I’m using; however, I believe that it is the latest as my iPhone does not indicate that I should update the app. When I tried to view the image on my HP specter x360 running Windows 10 Pro (Dyna list 1.1.4), a new Google Chrome tab (Version 66.0.3359.139 (Official Build) (64-bit)) opens that says “Your image is being uploaded,” but it never appears.

Please advise. Thanks.

@Donald_Kim: sorry the inconveniences and for the late reply! We were out of country for the past few weeks.

Right now, uploading images and files is not supported on the iOS app, and I’m sorry that it’s not written anywhere. When you pasted a picture, my guess is that the local link got copied over, which won’t work properly since it wasn’t uploaded to our server.

We’ll add this as a feature to the mobile apps soon, sorry again about the inconveniences in the meantime!