IFTTT support

Oh you mean at http://www.dynalist.io, which for me just shows me my list.

No Alan, here:


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I’ve gotten IFTTT and Zapier to work. No such luck with integromat as of yet…

Docmentation: https://apidocs.dynalist.io/

Get your Token here: https://dynalist.io/developer

Dynalist IFTTT setup

URL: https://dynalist.io/api/v1/inbox/add
Methode: POST
Content Type (optional): Application/json

Yes, which page and link is VERY hard to find once you’ve logged in.

Agreed, you actually have to log out…

@Erica Could you please fix this? E.G. put it at the bottom of the help pages would be logical.

Sure, I added to our list, will fix as soon as we can.

Random thought - could a Google Assistant smart speaker use IFTTT or it’s ilk to integrate with Dynalist?
“Hey Google, add apples to my shopping dynalist”

Yes, I do that.

Cool! I don’t suppose you could put together a rough how-to, or a few pointers?

You will find discussion about this here: Send email to add items to Dynalist

Maybe it would be good to have a How To section in this forum where techniques like this could be shared.

Share & Showcase is currently the best place for this kind of resources, but I agree these gems are scattered across the entire forum right now.