Idea: A way to navigate notes when in "move" mode

I have a pretty complex tree of different items. When I move items, it’s often to some place pretty specific (like projects -> adulting -> law -> todo).

I can’t always remember the low-level term when I’m moving the item. The “move” popup just shows the term I’m searching for. It would be nice if I could tab-complete or similar, and then see all nodes within a found node. So I could type [“proj”,“tab”, “down/down/enter”, “la”, “tab”, ect]

Right now I typically need a different dynalist instance on its side in another tab, and search for the right place in that one, which takes time.

(Note that the API is way more important than this to me, but I think it’s something to consider if it hasn’t been yet)

A similar feature has been suggested. I think it solves the same issue, in a different way.

Link: Find search terms in parent nodes as well

Both this proposal and yours aim to make finding deep items easier, if I understood correctly.

Although I think the implementation of your suggestion will take more work, because of the auto-completion part.