I'd like to be able to show all references for a page in a sidebar on the right

Right now I have a more tedious solution:

  1. Create a page
  2. Show all references for that page
  3. Copy the URL
  4. Paste the URL in the notes section under the page title
  5. Open the link in a side panel using Powerpack 3
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I would also like this. It means if I reference a person/client/author or whatever in a note in one branch of the tree then when I zoom into the bullet for that person/client/author in another tree I will see all references made to that person on the right hand pane. This would be great for todos for example … If I have a todo list and a todo item references a client then when I go to the client bullet I will see all todos for that client on the right.

It looks like you have the technology to go find the references - making them optionally always visible on the right would I hope be a fairly simple change :grinning:

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