I want to ask about Obsidian 14

[redacted by Mod - contained spam]

Hi. This is the Dynalist forum. You are welcome to ask here: https://obsidian.md/community

Same developers, but nice to ask in the right place… :wink:


+1 to what @Kenneth_Aar said.

Not sure what you mean by “14” though, we only hit 0.6.7 with Obsidian… :thinking:

I keep seeing users on this forum make 1 relevant sounding, but ultimately nonsensical post in very poor english, only to edit the post to contain spam links after a few days have passed. It must be some overseas spam operation paying folks to sneak spam in under the radar. And since it’s in vietnamese, it makes me think it’s a bot trying to optimize the links position in search engines by making backlinks.

Oh well. Just observing the oddity.

It’s a spam robot, don’t talk to it JGL

You are absolutely right and I shouldn’t have answered. But I could not resist at that moment telling him in Vietnamese that he had spent too much time in the sun (since he was advertising a sun blocker)!

I’ve removed the post’s content and have suspended the user.