I recently deleted a folder

27.07.2021 22:22 I accidentally deleted my documents folder «Маркетинг». Is it possible to somehow restore this folder with documents?

This comes up occasionally and often the devs are able to restore the lost files.

I wonder that they haven’t created a magic “Trash Bin” document that would have all the things deleted [within a certain time frame?] so you could get them back yourself. It would save so much trouble.

I have send email them but still no answer. Trash bin is must have feature since 90-s. I love dynalist so much, but this circumstance just kills me.

90s? It was the original Mac that made it a thing.

ask in the discord chat, they are much more responsive there

Thanks for trying to help.
I wrote to the discord chat, the developer, and the support email, but there is no answer yet.
Guys, I figured out how to avoid a similar problem in the future. Forget about the delete key. Create a trash folder and move everything there instead of deleting it.

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A few days after I deleted the data I needed, I can tell you about how to solve the problem. Perhaps someone else will come in handy.

  1. Create a “trash” folder and put documents there instead of deleting.
  2. If you switch to the pro tariff, an option appears to view the document history. Even if before that you have not activated the pro tariff, the story will still be available for the entire period, starting from the creation of the document.
  3. Write to support. For a long time I could not find a support address. In fact, it is located in menu → help → “To directly contact us, click here.
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