I made a tool to quickly sort / triage items

Since I make lots of lists, the task of sorting through those lists often comes up. Specifically: Judging each individual item by its value, relevance, etc., and then having the list sorted by this criterion.

That’s what I built this for.

For example, I use it to…

  • quickly sort any list by subjective importance (what task to work on next, what book to read, etc.),
  • label data, e.g. for training a text classifier,
  • help me pick the best from a bunch of logos, photos or ideas

Here I’m using it to score domain names:


You can play with it here:

P.S. Incidentally, the domain name I chose wasn’t based on the “dyna” part of Dynalist, which I suppose is a play on Alan Kay’s Dynabook (“dyna” in the sense of “dynamic”). The “Dynamate” in my list was, instead, a play on “Dynamite” - from the title of a book on Nietzsche called “I am Dynamite”. So no connection to Dynalist was intended. Finding a domain name these days isn’t easy! :slight_smile: