I have lost access to my email address

I need to chance the email address that I use to log in into Dynalist but have lost access to the email account.
Is there a way to change it?


I don’t think so, but you can log in and then add a google account and use that to log in instead. Then it doesn’t really matter what your dynalist email is set to.

The point is that it is the liked Google account that is inaccassible, so I can’t log in.

If you can’t log in, nor reset password, how can you prove that you are the owner and not a crafty spy trying to break in?

Do you have the app installed? Are you still logged in to any device? You could export your data possibly from there.

How do you both get logged out and lose access to your email at the same time? Suspicious claims in my opinion, sorry.

Yes, fortunately the desktop app is still logged in and I exported the data, so I can just copy it into a new account and abandon the old one. In order to set an alternative e-mail login I would need to log into the Dynalist web app which is impossible with a dysfunct google account.
Bottom line: it should be mandatory to specify a backup e-mail address when using SSO because everyone who specifies just one login credential (either email or SSO) can’t prove their ownership if access to that single credential is lost.

Phwew, good to hear you got the data.

I know the pain, I got banned from Google once. Lost decades of email, drive files, websites, adsense money, everything google offers. Completely not my fault, but they have no recourse. Theres no way to appeal with them. A lazy admin banned me for phishing for posting a jpg meme that had a picture of a credit card form. They didn’t bother to click and realize it was a picture, not a real working form, and it was clearly a joke meme. To a random Google plus page. Simple as that your data’s gone. I auto backup everything to clouds and NAS now. Dynalist Pro backs up to Dropbox and GDrive, then those sync to my NAS multiple drives.

Please contact support@dynalist.io to update your email address, thanks!

How much proof exactly will whoever contacts you need to provide?

Some folks are in a furvor over google SSO 2FA not being secure enough, but really this is the weakest link, so all that really matters.

Also, what’s the norm for sensitive data storage companies? Don’t they just draw the line at some point and say it’s better for one person to lose their account than to even engage with social engineering?

Wellniton could be the best paid KGB spy team on the planet with all the needed info at their disposal, but the only thing locking them out is they couldn’t breach this guys gmail, for all we know.