I don't use ! dates

I wonder if other people are in my boat. Obviously if you are syncing with Google calendar or using the relative date search a lot, those are compelling reasons to use the feature. But for me, I use dates, but I find the date editor somewhat clunky and buggy and so I avoid it. (The clunks vary between mobile and desktop.) [example bug: after experimenting today with what exactly I didn’t like, the program got stuck in some mode where I couldn’t add new nodes. Enter would create a line break. It was weird, and only restarting the program got things back to normal.]

Instead I just type like 11-13 if I need a date…

As the date system becomes more useful, I’m going to want to get on board. It would be nice if I could type !(11-13), and that almost works, except for the display is Tue, November 13th 2001. Wrong year!

Don’t have any specific requests, just wondering if I’m alone regarding this feature and if other people have thoughts.