How to upload images on iPad/iPhone?

I just upgraded to pro (yay!) and am learning how to upload images.

  1. On a desktop, can you only upload images from a website or can you upload files from your computer?

  2. How do you upload images on your iPad/iPhone? I’d like to be able to upload screenshots of notes I “handwrite” on my iPad using Pencil (man it would be great if I could handwrite notes into Dynalist directly…)

Thanks in advance for help with this!

Hi @Kate_Smalley, thanks for the generous support! Sorry for the late reply, we were out of country for the past weeks.

You can upload files from your computer by dragging and dropping them to Dynalist. If you want to link to an image on a website, that doesn’t require Pro. You can just do ![Image](link_to_image).

That’s coming soon to the iOS app! :slight_smile: