How to toggle show checked (completed) items for a document on mobile (iOS), i.e. access eye/view options settings

In the mobile app (iOS, I’m using an IPhone), how can I toggle between showing or hiding completed items for a document? I see that I can change the global setting but it doesn’t seem to affect a document for which I have checked ‘Show’ completed items using the desktop web interface using the ‘eye icon’ (view options) panel.

In other words, is there a way in the mobile app to show the ‘eye icon’ (view options) panel or another way to change those settings for a specific document?

Those document view settings are very useful so it would seem surprising if there isn’t a way to change those on mobile, but perhaps I just don’t know where to find it.

Hi, it’s in top right menu (vertical three dot icon). I hope that helps!

Thanks Erica. (And thanks for Dynalist!) What confused me is that ‘Toggle checked item’ didn’t seem to work at first but I think the secret is that I needed to tap that option multiple times. Via experimentation, it seems maybe ‘Toggle checked item’ and ‘Toggle notes’ on mobile cycle through several different modes and it is not just an on/off.

Wish list item: For toggle notes, I wish there were one additional ‘show/hide notes’ mode, a mode that didn’t show any icon for notes (i.e. just make notes totally invisible with no icon). There are times I want to completely hide notes with no clutter. I have just figured out how to hide the note icons on desktop with ‘Chrome Stylish’ but I can’t do it on mobile sadly.

Yeah, that’s true. It cycles between “Always on”, “Always off”, and “Same as default”. The last option will depend on the global default you have in Settings. Sorry for the confusion, it’s not easy to display the full toggle in such a small space. We should probably dedicate a popup to view settings on the mobile app.

That’s a feature request we’ve received as well. Our dilemma is that making it impossible to tell which items have notes is a risk. It might be confusing.

If you know the CSS code, our new Pro feature includes cross platforms custom CSS. Unfortunately it’s a Dynalist Pro only feature though. Just suggestion the option.

Thanks Erica. I may decide to go ‘Pro’ at some point if I find myself using it as my main note taking tool. I’m very glad you allow custom CSS in Pro. I love Dynalist on desktop, but I’m encountering performance issues on mobile (I just entered an issue on the ‘Bugs’ page about this).

I see, thanks for posting the bug. We’ll take a look at it.

Thanks, Erica!

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