How to switch to Article View

Hi all. Maybe I’m mid-brain-fart here, but how does one switch to Article View? Thanks!

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Main menu - View as article. Only on web and desktop though.

I’m curious: how did you know about article view when you haven’t found it? :slight_smile:

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Ah. Thanks Erica.

I saw the Article view in the Help section :smiley:


Hi team. I noted that article view is

Only on web and desktop

However, what was frustrating was that I set my desktop view to Article when I left work, and on the train I was stuck on Article view on my phone as there is no control for it on mobile. I’m sure Article view is coming to Mobile soon, but just FYI this is kinda annoying for now!

PS Article View is great, I only just discovered it and I love this feature, especially for essay-style writing and putting together longer pieces :slight_smile:




Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile:

Hi Erica,

I wonder the article view can be changed on mobile?


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