How to Install Dynalist on a Chromebook

Install Dynalist on Chromebookv2.docx (273.6 KB)

Version 2 of how to Install Dynalist on a Chromebook; incorporating useful feedback from other forum members


Thank you for these instruction - great clear instructions and very useful. I wish I had them when I was first trying a while ago. Finally I can use Dynalist offline on my chromebook!!

I noticed a small typo in point 12 - I think it’s missing a . before local.


I’ve gotten this to work before and after a Powerwash, can’t get it to work again. Dynalist is installed and works if I use the Terminal to launch. But, I can’t get the Desktop icon working. I’m on a Chromebook. I’ve even added the . in the right place that was noted in the other comment. Any ideas how what else to do when creating a .desktop file that may get the icon working?