How to import an item's notes from plain-text, rather than as a new bulletpoint?

Hi there. Absolutely loving Dynalist… but there’s one issue that has rapidly become frustrating.

Anytime I try to import notes from plain-text, they are formatted as new bullet points rather than as notes (under the previous bullet point).

Is there any way around this or am I doing something incorrectly? As it stands, plain-text export of existing data followed by plain-text import of that same data does not reproduce the original formatting. This is obviously problematic when one wishes to first use a plain text editor before importing a large amount of new data.


You could give the note a name in Dynalist (the bullet), then select the note field and paste the content there.

The note field can hold multiple lines of text without bullet points: the bullet list itself can’t

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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately that’s not what I was after.

In lieu of any alternative, I’ve written a custom YAML parser using the Dynalist API. It seems that’s the only way currently available to import content with notes from an external text editor, other than using the extremely verbose .opml format.

I was looking for the exact same functionality was a bit surprised it’s not yet possible to do this in Dynalist.

For those who don’t want to write scripts to do this, it’s true that the “OPML export - search-and-replace - import” route is a pain, but apparently when you paste plain text into Dynalist it will check if the plain text is in OPML format and if so, it will parse it, so no need to save file & upload. Could save a bit time.

how to fix it ?
i am facing the same problem, export and import immediately just broke every note