How to find all documents with given tags and words?

Might be an easy one but I cannot find an answer. For instance, I like to search e.g. the following document with @tag1 and first. But, I found I cannot use parent or ancestor when searching because @tag1 and first are at nodes of the same level. Appreciate any help.

- document title
  - #tag1 #tag2
  - the first one
  - the second one

Sometimes you want to search across all your documents. To do this, first, activate the normal search by clicking the icon or hitting Ctrl+F . After entering the search query, click on the “Search everywhere” link underneath the search bar. The shortcut for this is Ctrl+Enter while focusing in the search bar.

Thanks for your reply but it is not what I asked. Even with the global search, my question is, how can I find documents in which tags and words to be searched are at nodes of the same level. Using the example I gave, would you give me a search expression, with which I can locate the document quickly?

at nodes of the same level

I am not understanding at all. You want to specify a certain level, like level 2 nodes, 2 deep from the document title? You only want results a certain number of levels deep? Why?

I think we need a more complex example, because your example is adequately solved by normal search. Both queries will be found.

What I want to find a way to find documents that has both certain tags and words in them. Let’s use the example document I gave. How can I locate the document and other ones that have #tag1 tag and first word? #tag1 first in the global search does not work. first parent:#tag1 does not work either. What should I type in the global search to locate the document like the example?

Ok I understand.

I don’t think it is possible.

parent: and ancestor: are the opposite of what you want, since they find all of the child items under the query.

The best you can do is first OR #tag which will bring up documents containing either term.

If it is impossible even for you, professional user, it is quite disappointing to me. I think searching documents with certain tags and words are quite common. Am I only one who needs this searching feature?

I gave more thought on the searching and found one limitation of the current searching method is, it does not allow users to search the entire document with some keywords or tags. Unlike Workflowy, Dynalist allows users to create a separate folder and document. As a document can be a natural choice to capture and store information, I think it is natural to find a document satisfying specific searching criteria. How about adding a feature that allows users to search the entire document?

BigChugus, Interestingly, I found you left the following comment before. It is what I was asking with this thread.

P.S. I am not a fan of flat search (search across documents). It’s not responsive and intuitive like searching within a document. It’s one of many reasons I have a single document only. Any topic seperation that would be seperate documents, are simply the top level nodes of one document instead. This way everything in loaded in RAM, everything can be filtered, no need for flat search and awkwardness.

To search the entire document, first move to the top of the document, then you can.

I agree that normal search is a superior tool than global search, and it’s a reason I lean towards more things in my main document and less spread around to many documents. If you do go with multiple documents, you can achieve your goal by being diligent about what search criteria you may be using and putting the specific code words so you can find these back.

I use several large documents to keep track of tasks and notes for my projects. However, when I come across reusable information such as a code snippet while working on a project, I capture it in a separate document and add tags for future reference. This way, I don’t have to rely on other applications like Evernote to keep my notes.

I was wondering if it would be difficult to introduce e.g. document for the searching function. For example:

document:#tag1 document:first

This search query can find all documents that have both the tag tag1 and the word first in them. It might not be aligned with other searching functions based on node levels (e.g. parent) but it might be useful for many Dynalist users.