How to export to markdown to import in Obsidian?

Hi, I can’t see a proper markdown export so I can import a note in Obsidian now and then with the correct formatting?

Thank you in advance for any hints or tips.

P.S. Export > Formatted, Plain text, OPML, do not give the proper formatting/markdown.

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Don’t use export. Both are already in markdown natively, both apps are made by the same people, and use javascript paste parsers to correct many common paste issues from many apps. So, select the items in Dynalist, copy, click Obsidian, paste.

It’d be nice if the UI suggested this instead when people go into Export…it’s not intuitive.

Let us know if anything doesn’t copy and paste right. Looks ok to me.


Thank you kindly. I feel dumb for not having tried it myself. I just blindly like a zombie followed another comment elsewhere. Sometimes it’s good to stop and think, have to get better at that.

Thanks again.