How to escape tag characters (@, #)?

I sometimes write lines where I use the @ and # characters, but don’t want them to be treated as tags.

For example:

  • Wake up @7:00AM
  • Phone number: 999-888-7777 #1234

Is there a way to escape the tag characters, similarly to how its done for Markdown characters with , to prevent tags from being created?


At long as there’s no space before the @ or #, the tag won’t be created. So you can prepend a \ as well if that works for your preference.

Adding the \ does prevent tags from being created, but when you look at the line, it adds visual pollution. I guess this would be a feature request, but wouldn’t it be possible to treat the escaping of tag characters similarly to how it was done for Markdown ones?

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Ah, you mean escaping in Markdown in general, not escaping Markdown in Dynalist, I see.

In that case you should definitely post a new feature request and see if others echo the same problem!

For #tags, if you want to look like a tag but not BE a tag, use Unicode’s “Fullwidth Number Sign” instead of the ASCII “#”. e.g. #NotATag

Fullwidth Number Sign is hex FF03.

On a Mac, you can enter this by switching to the “Unicode Hex Input” method, and typing FF03 while holding the ALT key.

Unicode character entry is a bother for Windows. Easiest thing to do is to copy the character from #NotATag to your clipboard.