How to create line-breaks without bullets?


I know the app is called Dyna…list, so I get the eternal love for bullet points but honestly, give me the ability to insert line-breaks without bullets, this is going to drive me completely insane.

-a natural way
-to type
-certain things
-and this is also not

  • a good way to create line-breaks between elements in lists.

Paragraphs have a place. Empty line-breaks have a place, and the notes [shift+enter] feature (which is useful) has a place.

Any solutions in mind, anyone? Thanks in advance!


Crtl+Shift+Enter would be suffice?


Thanks Fransisco but no, it’s another function of the notes feature :frowning: (which is great don’t get me wrong) but it’s not a simple line break like pressing “Enter” twice on Word or any other editor…


Ctrl+Shift+Enter works in the main bullet, it’s not a note function. Inside a note you simply press Enter to get a newline.

Is there something I’m misunderstanding?