How to create line-breaks without bullets?

I know the app is called Dyna…list, so I get the eternal love for bullet points but honestly, give me the ability to insert line-breaks without bullets, this is going to drive me completely insane.

-a natural way
-to type
-certain things
-and this is also not

  • a good way to create line-breaks between elements in lists.

Paragraphs have a place. Empty line-breaks have a place, and the notes [shift+enter] feature (which is useful) has a place.

Any solutions in mind, anyone? Thanks in advance!

Crtl+Shift+Enter would be suffice?

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Thanks Fransisco but no, it’s another function of the notes feature :frowning: (which is great don’t get me wrong) but it’s not a simple line break like pressing “Enter” twice on Word or any other editor…

Ctrl+Shift+Enter works in the main bullet, it’s not a note function. Inside a note you simply press Enter to get a newline.

Is there something I’m misunderstanding?

I think David wants a way to create a blank line that belongs to no item.

CONTROL + SHIFT + ENTER adds a line to an item with no bullet. But it is not an independent item. So if you reorder the bullet with the break attached, the structure is destroyed.

Like David, I would love to have an option for just create a break (or many breaks), functioning as a “paragraph” separator, inside the outline, not attached to an item.

*Edited for a clarification. Thanks Alan.

This is misunderstanding. CONTROL+SHIFT+ENTER does not create an item. It creates a line break in the current item. The difference is that items are independently movable, highlightable, etc. You can see this clearly if you click by the bullet and set the background color.

Yet if you don’t set the background, this can serve as a visual paragraph break. It just is a bit fiddly to maintain this in the midst of edits because it’s simply part of an item which may not remain the last item in your “paragraph”

Go to view (the eyeball in the upper right corner. I am in the browser version). Go to Layout and select article. You will see a bullet when you hover over an item, but it will disappear when you hit enter.

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