How to copy several items to another workspace?

Hello, I try to copy several items to anoter list, I mark them all and cant find an icon to copy them. Maybe there is other way?
P.s. I’m using Android app, free user.


It’s the checkbox at the top. It turns on multi-select mode.

Ok, I select, and then there’s no icon to copy selected itens

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Duplicate Item is only on the Pro toolbar. Seems a bit strange to me. You can duplicate like this just fine on Desktop, but somebody elected not to include it by default on the free version.


Yes, as for me, it’s some strange too

New User here. Am I correct in understanding the free version of Dynalist does not allow us to copy and paste selected items??

Seems like a pretty basic function to leave out. . . .

Yes, you can copy-paste items on the free version. Only the mobile apps lack this feature. Which seems like a pretty basic function, agreed. But that is the case.