How to click link and open iOS app?

Can someone please teach me how to click link (from another app) and open iOS app instead phone browser? Not sure I should put this in the features or help. Thanks for the help.

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I think for now it’s not possible i having the same issue when i dropped the url of an node with reference material in Things3 in the note field, it opens an web browser.

I heard from the developer that in the future will work when they updated their url scheme or API.
For now sit and wait and accept that the phone browser will open the link

Thanks for the reply, this is more of want than need. By the way I’m using Things 3 too, and try to do exactly what you describe. LOL

Sorry, can’t do that right now, need to implement Universal Links in iOS.

It’s on our plan though!


Hi Chin,

I like to switch entirely instead using Things3 beside DynalistHQ.

Waiting for some features(*) which are planned, will make sure that i later switch entirely with DynalistHQ as Main App for Task, Project Management + Journal, Reference Guide “All in One” solution.

(*) better mobile performance, recurring tasks, extension, email forward tasks, progress of subtasks …


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Hi Erica,

Is implementing Universal Links in iOS still on your list (hem, pun intended)? Like maybe many other here, I’m storing lots of reference material in Dynalist, and link to it from a todo app (Things, OmniFocus, Due…), so having the Dynalist app open quickly, and if necessary when offline, instead of a web browser would be a great plus.