How to automatically add Google Calendar events to your Dynalist...ish

Hi Dynalisters. This is a bit of an imperfect solution, but I’ve found it useful.

I triage my inbox daily, and have my calendar send event reminders two days before the event. By setting up my mail client to forward emails that are “from: + “subject contains: notification” to my Dynalist Inbox email, items are added to my Dynalist Inbox that are basically: “Event (date and time)”.

When I triage my inbox each day, I quickly change the date format to Dynalist’s, and chuck it under “Agenda” which is at the top of my “Tasks” document. Only takes a few seconds with keyboard shortcuts.

Now, when I open up my “Tasks” document and search for “until:0d -is:completed”, I have the day’s events at the top, and my tasks below.

Like I said, a bit clunky, but for 30s of effort per day it lets me view my whole day one one page within Dynalist. Has really helped my workflow. Hope it helps others, too.

(Note, some mail clients will send a verification code to your forwarding address to confirm you have permission to forward. This will show up as a task within your Dynalist.)

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