How to apply tags / dates to multiple items simultaneously?

Is there a way to highlight a bunch of items and give them all the same tag?



Hi Rich,

There’s no quick way to do that, other than copying the tag and pasting a few times. Sorry about the inconveniences!

Is there still no way to do this? Seems like a natural thing to need to do; it’s certainly something I need to do on a daily basis when pulling in revision notes from clients on projects! As it is, I’m stuck copying and pasting tags/dates on 20 or 30 items in a day one at a time, or else I have to live without tagging individual items which need to be attributable and dated on a per-item basis.

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I like dyna list but there are some common sense features from other programs that are missing here.
Tag Multiple is obviously one
Ctrl-Home/End Moves the selected list item on the very top or very bottom of the list.
I’m sure there will be more found
I’m going to start my own feature list here:

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i keep coming back to dynalist, but…
how about select multiple for color label in a search since you cant tag them

is there another way to tag multiple items from different levels and group them?
lets say I have 10 jobs with task lists
and I want to do 2 things from each today

but I want to keep them in their job silos.

so how do I grab the 20 items for today and group them in a new view?


oh I see the colors work fine
its just the tag & date that doesn’t multiple select
never mind
I guess I can use the color as a work around

I would suggest using the search function as until:0d to show everything that was scheduled for today.