How much data can it handle?


I’m quite new to Dynalist since I’ve been using it for about a week.

So far, so good, there are so many things I love about it. I hope to see the ability to share a single item soon enough (highly requested and not planned yet).

However, I have one concern. I am on the quest of finding the perfect tool for my “second brain”. So far Dynalist seems to be a good candidate. However, many people complain that with big amount of data it beacomes laggy.

I collect a lot of data every single day. Therefore I have 2 options. Either I create lots of docoment but in this cas my file tree will soon become unusable or I group many notes of the same type in one single document but I’m afraid it might become slow.

Any idea ?

Do you guys have big databases ? Does it work well ?

My biggest file is 45000 words. No lag.

Thank you for this info. That gives me an idea of how much it can handle in a sigle document.

My question was more about if reach 10MB or more database in total. How will it handle it and how to structure it in order not to put too much in a single doc but not having too many documents at the same time.

DynaList only loads one doc at one time so it doesn’t matter. Somebody else can answer about cross-document search.

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