How i can wrap long text/link title?

i’ve been exploring for quite a while now, seem i ended up really like dynalist for my use case.
but i’ve been looking up for a way on how i can wrap long title text for link? somehow when putting any dynalisst url it just work.

like this one below.
the 1st one have the original url regarding the title.
the 2nd one there i changed the url into any random dynalist url.

oh yea btw thanks before

Because there’s a box border around the Dynalist link element, we thought it would be quite ugly if it were to be split into multiple lines, thus the ellipsis.

Normal links are rendered like normal text, only with underline added, so wrapping is fine.

You can use the markdown syntax to give the link a shorter title. If you must keep the entire title but still want it to stay on a single line, I think only custom CSS can do that. Just use the same CSS applied to the Dynalist links unto the normal links.

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great… haven’t thougth about that before. ended up by using css, it works now. thank you!!

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That’s great! :smiley:

On a similar note, @Erica, can we use word wrap for titles in the file pane? Thank you!

You mean when the file pane is narrow?

@Erica Yes. I keep my file pane about 2 inches wide, but some file names are really long. I’d love to be able to wrap them. I tried using CSS but failed. Then again, I’m no CSS wizard. :slight_smile: Thank you!