How Exactly Do You Showcase Love?

Not sure I am posting to the right part of this forum, but I LOVE this application. It has been a productivity revolution since my discovery of notational velocity. I’m looking forward to participating in this community, and I’m HAPPY to give my money to this org. Do you guys have a Discord community? Would love to know, if so.


what is Notational velocity?

NV is a non-linear notebook of sorts that stores things like text files. In some ways it is a stripped down ia Writer. The one thing that it seems to have functionality wise over Dynalist is the functionality to create a new note when the open command started returning zero results. I don’t know what the hotkey is to make a new note. Maybe I need to recheck the hot key mapping

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Love received! :heart:

Helping each other in the community is also another great way to show love <3

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Are you aware of the other product by the same team, Obsidian?
If you are more into notes and markdown, it’s interesting.

Thanks for the tip, @Hugo_Schmitt. Downloading Obsidian now and will jump around on it. Totally unfamiliar with it.

Hi Hugo! I assume you’re an Obsidian user too :smile:

Can you invite againt?