How does Pro work?

Hello :slight_smile: I just created a Dynalist account and so far it is massively cool (I’m on the hunt for a good Evernote replacement).

I apologize if this has been previously covered, but I has some questions concerning the pro account:

  1. If I have a pro account and add attachments, can I collaborate with someone who is using the free account? Will they be able to view/modify attachments?
  2. How do the automatic backups work? If I accidentally delete a note, will that change also get synced over, or are the backups versioned?

Thanks again!

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No worries!

There’s an option in the Dynalist Pro tab in Settings that allows others to view your uploads. Turn that option on and then others will be able to see or download the file. It’s off by default for privacy reasons.

File attachments work similarly to Evernote I believe. There’s no modification happening; you can download the old version and upload a modified version. Think it of being able to attach files to emails like in Gmail; in Dynalist you can attach files to list items.

To upload, drag a file to Dynalist or paste a screenshot, the link markdown is generated for you after the file is uploaded.

After you link your Google Drive or Dropbox account, backup files will be sent to it every 24 hours (when exactly would depend on your timezone; it happens at 11 pm EDT). Two .zip file will be created. Both contain all your documents and folder structure; one is in .txt format and the other is in .opml (outline) format.

It’s basically a snapshot every 24 hours. If you delete a note, it will disappear in the next backup but you can find it in the previous day’s backup.

Backups are not versioned; Version History is a different feature ([Pro feature] Revision history).

Finally, if you complete the onboarding tutorial, you can get 14 days of Pro free trial. You can see for yourself how everything works! :slight_smile:

Ah, this is what I was missing. I went through the tutorial before creating an account. Then after I created an account, I dismissed the tutorial instead of going through it again. Thanks for the tip!

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For Evernote, I used CloudHQ to keep a backup to my Google drive

I configured CloudHQ to sync my Dynalist backups from one cloud storage provider to another and enabled the archive sync option. This way I can roll my own versioning :smiley:

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That’s a cool! Is that for the rare occasions when one cloud service is down?

Not really, I just wanted a way to version my backups :slight_smile:

Syncing between cloud providers is just a bonus :wink: