How does Dynalist perform on your iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2&3?

I am using Dynalist on Ipad Mini2 which has the same A7 processor with the devices mentioned in the title. I am on latest iOS 11.2 firmware and Dynalist is extremely slow.

I know it is not a powerful ipad but I would guess that dynalist is a lighter app compared to many smooth running application/games. It has almost 1 second lag on each tap. Is it going to get better with updates or this is just how it works on an old ipad?

Hi @John1,

Do you have lots of items in your Dynalist? I think iPad Mini 2 should be able to handle it if you don’t have really huge documents.

Also could you tell me the version of the iOS app you’re using? Thanks in advance!

I dont think so. When fully collapsed I have about 10 lists and its even slow when I am trying to expand a list containing 10-15 items. Also, almost entire document is consisting of text, just a handful of photos.

I just updated to the latest iOS 11.2 and it is still extremely slow. I am not talking about a mild inconvenience, I hardly seen any app with such a late response time/lag. It is almost not usable at this point :frowning:

Anyone who has iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2&3 can contribute to this as all of these devices has the same A7 processor. I doubt it but maybe there is a problem on my end.

​Sorry for the late reply due to the holidays!

I wish there’s some way we can @ all the people who are using those models, but we can’t :frowning:

Quick way to test is whether Dynalist runs smoothly in a browser like Safari. Have you tried that?

Turns on a keyboard for about of 2 sec. on 5S, IOS 10.3.3
Cant do anything with such small text space anyway.