How do you use it?

Im very interested in switching to Dynalist. I have played with it for awhile and its very flexible.
But i dont really know how to use it. I would love to know how you are using it?

Mine goal is to go minimalist with my system. Im currently im using Todoist with Onenote

I too used Todoist with Onenote before switching over to Dynalist.

Well, hmm. This is mine right now:

I mostly use Google Assistant to add things. I say “add mustard” to my Huawei watch after holding the side button, or I say “hey google add mustard” at home to a Google Home mini. “mustard” will appear at the top of that :inbox_tray:list.

:inbox_tray: is my “Inbox Zero”, meaning it ought to be empty, it’s the triage zone before things are shuffled to a better place. I use Ctrl-G as “move” and type, for example, “at home”, enter, and it disappears to that sublist. When I get within 1/4 mile of home, IFTTT adds an item to the top of my :inbox_tray: linking to stuff I ought to get done at home. There’s also a work one triggered by M-F 7am. I delete it (Ctrl-D for me) when I’ve seen it, it served it’s purpose.

I also use hyperlinking a lot, to Google Docs, GMails. I keep my GMail inbox empty by sending a hyperlink (via the Dynalist Chrome clipper extension) of any pending email, and archiving it (which doesnt change the URL so it’s fine).

I have custom CSS to keep pasted images at a very small thumbnail size until I mouse hover.

Well you can browse the Showoff subforum for other people’s ideas. It’s a very personalizable experience like a bullet journal, you can change what works every day if you want.

I’m sure theres a ton of stuff I missed. On my phone I use the IFTTT notes widget to send typed items to my :inbox_tray:. I zoom into important nodes and save them as icons on my phone home screen to view the reference info quickly.

But yeah, Dynalist has been so much better than Todoist and OneNote. OneNote has too many places for info to hide - now everything is forced into one Dynalist of infinite dimensions and filters down to just what I want with Ctrl-F.

Oh yeah, get Pro. I rarely pay for software/services ever but in this case it’s just such a good experience.


I use it is by creating documents for each of my areas of interest, e.g. Software Development, Blogging, Projects, Ideas, Diary, etc.

Within each of those, I write or capture topics of interest and tag them with important terms. The tags are very useful because then you can search on tags across all documents and find inter-related topics.

I also you cross-references (internal links) quite a bit. Very powerful. From within any document, type two left brackets “[[” then start typing what you are looking for, find the particular item, press enter, and you have a link to that item.

I find that tags and cross-reference links work to turn simple lists into a powerful networked knowledge-base.

When doing web research, I use Google Chrome so I can use the Dynalist web clipping extension to capture URLs directly to my Dynalist Inbox. Then, back in Dynalist, move Inbox items to the appropriate documents.

Like you, when I first started playing with it, I thought it was OK but wasn’t really wowed. Then I decided to use it full-time and after learning the features mentioned above, it really started to shine.

BTW, if I am not mistaken, the Pro version includes a 14 day trial, so you can try it out before having to commit to paying.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the reply! This gave me an good idea how to improve my usages