How do you Rearrange documents and folders on the Android app

How do you Rearrange documents and folders in the Android app? I’m not finding guidance for that in the Dynalist Help resource. Thanks.


Unfortunately they are only rearrangable on web/desktop app right now.

It’s definitely one of the big things we need to improve about the mobile app though!

I had this crazy idea: what if you generate a DynaList document that mirrors the folder tree, full of Folder Name and [[DocName]] (Link to document). Then you edit that tree and click something to update the document structure. (also confirm if docs are to be deleted, and cancel are necessary).

A crazier thing: I’ve heard of something similar: Editing documents as easily as items

It would be confusing to be able to edit the same structure in two places though. Plus, we’re going to bring the document/folder rearrangement to mobile sooner or later.

Thanks Erica. Knowing the Dynalist development team’s good track record I know it won’t be long!

Great idea, Alan. What’s cool about DL is that you can make it do almost anything!