How do you copy only highlighted items from a search?

Good morning,

I am usually using a large backlog of items and I was wonder how I could only copy paste the item that are highlighted after a search.

It may be a tag.

For instance:
Search: #this-week
Return: all item with this week
Copy: Select all items
Paste: (IDEAL) paste only items with the #this-week
(CURRENT) Paste everything with the hierarchy

Another idea would be to have a view without the hierachy for immediate focus like this lady did on workflowy with a stylebot skin.

Any idea/solution to gt there?

Thank you very much in advance


I believe that this isn’t currently possible, so you can move this topic to the feature request section (or I can) if you’d like. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Since you’re selecting entire items, the content below it is copied as well. You’ll have to use ctrl+shift+backspace (or ctrl+x, while it’s still broken) to delete the subpoints. I understand that this can be frustrating to do if you have several items under several points.

Hello there, would love to be able to do this (copy only selected notes, especially tags).

Did anyone found the way how to do this?

Also did not find this feature on road map :frowning: